Dr. Jess' Visit to Desire Resorts for ISM 2018!

jess' articles workshops Feb 27, 2018

I kicked off 2018 in style with a visit to both Desire Riviera Maya Pearl & Desire Riviera Maya — my favourite clothing-optional resorts! I was welcomed by smiling faces, perfect weather and joined by a few hundred new friends from the US, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and beyond. Check out my uncut Instagram Stories of my trip below and be sure to follow along.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 9.22.55 AM

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5 Reasons To Join Me on Desire Resorts' Clothing-Optional Cruise!

dr. jess' news workshops May 11, 2017

Set sail with me this September! I'll be aboard the 'Desire Venice Cruise' with some of my wildest and sexiest friends from around the world. Departing from Venice, Italy, this luxurious ship will explore the Adriatic Sea stopping in several ports from Croatia to Slovenia. You don't want to miss it! The cruise will deliver a truly unique experience, including adult playrooms, clothing-optional areas, erotic entertainment, breathtaking destinations and much more.

Here are my top 5 reasons to book this cruise today:

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 1.39.24 PM

Roxi D'Lite, the bad girl of burlesque, will be there. Roxi is THE sexiest woman I have ever met and she's sweet as pie too:) We've had a blast hanging out in Las Vegas, Halifax, Montreal and Toronto and it's about time we hit up Europe together. Roxi has received a boatload of awards including Miss Exotic World, World Champion of Exotic Dance and The Burlesque Hall of Fame's Queen of Burlesque. You'll have the opportunity to see her in...

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The New Ontario Sex Education Curriculum: What You Need to Know

expert advice workshops Nov 16, 2016

Webinar Overview

In this three-part webinar, Dr. Jessica O'Reilly will explore the content of the updated Human Development and Sexual Health curriculum, break down the common myths that surround it and discuss strategies for effective delivery.

This webinar and content is brought to you by Thompson Educational Publishing (TEP).

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Top Dirty Talk Lines: What Men & Women Really Want to Hear in Bed

Over the years, I’ve written a great deal about dirty talk. From general guidelines to hot phrases you can use to rile your lover up, dirty talk is one of my favourite topics to cover...and put into practice.

In several of my workshops (including Steamy Sex for Couples and Rock his/her World) I ask participants to share what they want to hear in bed via secret ballot. Each person writes down a few things they’d like their lover to say in the heat of the moment and we read them aloud as a group without identifying the source.

The following is an unscientific summary of the most popular lines I’ve collected from thousands of workshop participants.

What men say they want to hear:

“I’m coming!” This line comes up multiple times in every workshop without exception.

“Your penis/cock/dick/wiener is so big.” Yes -- someone actually wrote “wiener”.

“You make me so wet.” More on this here

“You’re the best...

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How To Talk Dirty: Part 1

Of all the workshops I teach, Dirty Talk, is among my favourites! I promise clients that if they learn to talk dirty, they can be the laziest lovers and still blow their partners’ minds. This is because dirty talk is all about learning to tap into your most intense fantasies and bring them to life in words. And since fantasy is often hotter than reality, crawling into your partner’s dirty mind is the key to a long-lasting and fulfilling sexual relationship.


Many people learn to talk dirty from porn, but this leaves them with a limited repertoire that excludes the personal element of sexy talk. Moreover, dirty talk doesn’t have to be rough, hardcore or even sexual to be erotic. The most enticing bedroom chatter can be romantic, teasing, alluring, demanding, submissive, naughty and fantastical.

Follow these guidelines to get started and be sure to check back next week for some explicit one-liners you can use to develop your dirty talk arsenal:

The first...

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