PlayboyTV Presents Dr. Jess Sexologist

pop culture Nov 28, 2013

Dr. Jess (PlayboyTV's Sexologist) offers tips & advice to spice up your sex life at Toronto's 2013 Everything to do With Sex Show. From dirty talk & seduction moves to relationship tips & oral sex techniques, fans left with the confidence to heighten intimacy and reignite the passion in the bedroom.


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Drawn Dirty: The Top Ten Cartoon Characters As You’ve Never Seen Them Before

pop culture Nov 18, 2013

Drawn Dirty

Nicole Marie Guiniling

Nicole Marie Guiniling is a comics artist, writer and researcher. She runs the Toronto-based company Ad Astra Comix, a website and retail outlet specializing in political and historical comic books. Her upcoming workshop “Sex: A Graphic History” exploring the last 200 years of comic and cartoon erotica, is taking place on Sunday, November 24 at Ohhh Canada (721 Queen Street West, 2nd Floor). 

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Sex Box - An alternative to porn?

As part of their Campaign for Real Sex, a series of shows which seek to "reclaim sex from porn," Britain's Channel 4 has launched a new show called Sex Box. The basic premise of the show is that couples have sex in a room-sized box with no windows as a studio audience waits for them to emerge and talk to a panel of experts about their experience. It's not exactly voyeurism. It's not exactly porn. The question is: is it a suitable alternative?

As an alternative to porn, do you think this show stands up? The intent of porn is to stimulate erotic emotions through the use of sexual imagery. Sex Box steers clear of this by replacing explicit sexual imagery with a supposedly edgy public forum on sex. It clearly takes the meat out of the burger, but does it provide a tasty alternative? Is simply hearing couples talk about their sexual experiences in a public forum sufficient enough to make you steer clear of porn? Tell us what you think below.


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Sex In The World Of Comic Books

Sexuality in comics can be seen in the fetish inspired costumes, the racy story lines and the killer curves that are drawn onto the characters.

Sex is everywhere even in comics…now I see the fascination for comic nerds!

You can see fetish inspired costumes on characters such as Cat Woman.

She wears a skin tight leather cat suit that could easily be seen on any working dominatrix. Her claws are made to cause pain and her whip to whip the bad guys into shape.


Her badass, take charge, play no games attitude completely mimics a dom and she oozes confidence and sex. She has been played by some of Hollywood’s sexiest such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry and most recently by the gorgeous Anne Hathaway.

Wonder woman is an amazon women who also carries a whip… and a very generous bust line. Wonder woman was one of the first popularized comic book beauties and since her entrance into the comic world she has spawned a new generation of comic vixens.

Wonder Woman


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Is Shopping Together Good For Your Sex Life?

pop culture Nov 22, 2012

Researchers claim that shopping can be just as exciting as sex, as stumbling upon a great deal causes a powerful endorphin rush that rivals sexual arousal. Seriously?

A dispassionate shopper, I am reluctant to buy the theory that that a hot deal can leave you overcome with climactic excitement. I adore my sky-high heels and appreciate their role in the bedroom, but I cannot imagine getting that worked up in the mall.

Shopping expert, Tamika Auwai of Shop Socials sees things differently and invited me to attend her sold-out event, TEN, at the Spoke Club to observe the connection between intimacy and shopping in the flesh. This cocktail-friendly experience included some of the hottest designers in Canada and I was immediately taken aback by the number of couples who attended hand-in-hand. Perhaps it was the exclusive venue or the melange of booze and design, but the event was packed and love was in the air.


Photography by Sorel

Guests were eager to explain the connection between...

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Lady Gaga's Body Revolution" Campaign"

pop culture Sep 27, 2012

Lady Gaga has been an influential artist since arriving on the music scene, however her influence stretches far beyond her musical ability.

Gaga is a strong activist for equality: she exercised her celebrity status to help eliminate Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and has remained a symbol for sexual equality. She is now moving towards a new battle: body image.

The singer has faced excessive media scrutiny over the past few weeks due to her apparent weight gain. The usually svelte artist appeared heavier during a performance, and the photos have flooded the internet along with criticisms about her body. Gaga is fighting back with the launch of her Body Revolution 2013 campaign which encourages everyone to celebrate their "flaws" by submittingreal photos and stories to the Body Revolution section of her website. Gaga has even posted revealing photos of herself with the alarming caption, "bulimia and anorexia since I was 15".

Lady Gaga is on a mission to promote compassion,...

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