Keeping Cool With Family During The Holiday Season

press Dec 15, 2021

Jess joined Carolyn and Jeff last week to discuss keeping cool with the family during gatherings. Check out the video and interview recap below.

What do you do when you just don’t agree politically? 

My dad and I are at polar ends of the political spectrum, and our holiday dinners always end up with tense debates?

There are so many layers:

It’s okay to disagree and not talk about topics that set you off. It’s also okay not to get together with people who cause you real distress and even trauma — this is the case when it comes to identity (e.g. a homophobic family member for queer folks).

It can be helpful to differentiate between disagreeing and being harmed. If you’re a part of a group that is being targeted - you risk being harmed. If you’re not, you have an opportunity to speak up and let them know how you feel.

I find that language offensive. 

If you are getting together, it can be helpful to plan ahead. Let them know what your...

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Financial Infidelity. Have you cheated…financially?

press Nov 24, 2021

43 percent of adults say they’ve cheated on their partner…financially. Jess joined Carolyn & Jess of The Morning Show to dive into the topic of financial infidelity.

Check out the discussion (notes and video) below.

What is financial infidelity? 

Some people set the bar for fidelity at a level that most of us can’t live up to. They define financial cheating as anything spending at all that you hide from your partner. Do you sneak in a few clothing items at the grocery store or treat yourself to special edition sneakers and hide the receipts? Some people consider that cheating.

For others, it’s about a secret bank account, undisclosed debt, losses from investments that went wrong. If you’re hiding it, you might consider it cheating.

But the reality is that we’ve likely all covered something up or neglected to mention (AKA lied by omission) some purchases. Sometimes it’s not relevant to your budget or even your relationship because...

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Cuffing Season: Tips and know-how for this winter

press Nov 18, 2021

As the temperatures drop and the holidays approach, more people might be inclined to pair up — not only to keep one another company over the winter but also to ensure that they have a date for holiday events, which seem to be slowly returning. This phenomenon has been dubbed cuffing season, but is there any science to it? And how can you make sure you’re more than a warm body to a new partner.

Jess joined Carolyn and Jeff earlier today to discuss just that. Check out the video and interview recap below.

Is cuffing season a real thing?

Online dating data suggests that cuffing season is real. One study found that searches for dating increase in the winter months and peak in January. However, there is also another increase during the summer months and it may not be all related to pairing up — searches for sex and erotica also increase in the winter.

Facebook data also suggests that cuffing occurs over the winter with

  • 34% more new relationships...
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Halloween Harmony For Couples

press Oct 28, 2021

Halloween is just a few days away, and for many, that means dressing up, giving out candy, and perhaps getting together for in-person parties once again. For couples, however, disagreements about social gatherings can be a source of contention, so Jess joined Carolyn and Jeff this morning to talk about Halloween harmony for couples. Check out the video and notes below.

What do you do when you don’t agree about big parties. Maybe your partner wants to hit them all and, you’re still nervous about larger crowds — or vice versa?

I can’t tell you how to resolve the disagreement because neither of you is right or wrong. The most important piece; is that you talk about how you’re feeling and try to understand your partner’s perspective. You don’t have to agree, but can you try to see even part of their perspective? Can you move away from trying to convince them and move toward finding some common ground?

But when you’re so divided and...

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Dating Red Flags

Jess joined Jeff and Carolyn on Global TV’s The Morning Show to talk about red flags and more when it comes to dating. Check out her notes and the video interview below.

A survey of 2000 folks finds that nearly half of men and a quarter of women would break up or end a date early because of their partner’s food habits — even if they have the same annoying habits themselves. But are bad table manners a red flag or, are we being too picky?

Jess, is it fair to end a date early over bad table manners, and are people doing this?

You might be too picky if you walk out over table manners because table manners are highly subjective (culture, age, etc.). I wouldn’t cut someone off right away unless their manners really do offend your sense of identity or if you actually can’t handle it as a sensitive eater.

You mention manners varying by age and culture — what did this survey find in terms of age differences?

  • 61% of Millenials says they’d let the...
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How To Deal With Social Burnout

Back to work? Or back to school? Are you feeling burned out? Jess chimed in on Global TV’s The Morning Show to talk about signs of social burnout and strategies for managing it — for folks of all social persuasions. Check out her notes and the video interview below.

What is social burnout? Why does it happen?

Social burnout and social fatigue are valid experiences, even if they’re not formal diagnoses. Burnout often occurs when you’ve socialized to the point that you feel you can’t do it anymore. And you might notice a range of emotional and physical responses that signal that you’ve had enough.

What are some signs that you’re socially exhausted or burnt out?

Signs can vary greatly. For some people, you might feel drained, tired, stressed, or irritable. Some people get overwhelmed with a dislike for everything and everyone around them. For others, everything might feel pointless or boring. And you start zoning out. You might have physical...

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Tips For Back To Work Anxiety And More

For many people returning to work, anxiety levels are increasing. Jess sat down with Jeff & Cheryl Hickey on Global TV's The Morning Show to share tips for managing anxiety. They discuss what it means for hybrid teams, couples, and more.

Check out her notes and the video interview below.

If you’re feeling anxious about heading back to the office, how can you soothe your own anxiety?

Workplace-related anxiety is common during non-pandemic times with around 50% reporting that stress and anxiety affect their performance, their relationships with coworkers, and the quality of their work. Add the transition from remote work to in-person work in the midst of a pandemic and it’s no surprise that folks are experiencing anxiety that spills over in our personal lives. 70% report that workplace stress affects our relationships at home and physical symptoms are also common, so that’s where I suggest you start — with the physical.

What do you...

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Research Says Couples Fall Into One of Four Categories

Which one are you?

Jess joined Antony and Carolyn yesterday on Global TV's The Morning Show to talk about a study that looked at commitment and categorized 376 couples into four groups:

  1. Conflicted, but passionate
  2. Partner-focused
  3. Social butterflies
  4. Dramatic

Check out the video below for their conversation.

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Navigating Through Relationships as Re-Opening Continues

press Jun 17, 2021

With more pandemic restrictions lifting, couples might be finding that their partner is ready to head back into the new normal when it might still be overwhelming to them. Jess joins Carolyn and Jeff on Global TV's The Morning Show to discuss tips to navigate through the relationship and how to approach friends and family who have chosen to not receive the vaccine.

Check out the video and summary below.

How do you deal if your partner is much more relaxed about re-opening (ie: wants to drop all precautions) and you’re not or vice versa

Differentiate. You don't have to do everything together. So if they're ready to meet on patios and you find it overwhelming, be supportive of one another's individual choices. Spend time apart doing your own things. You don't have to agree on everything and you don't have to convince your partner that you're right.

But what if they're taking risks that put you at risk?

If they're taking risks that you feel put you at risk, then you need to speak...

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Post-Pandemic Dating Advice

As more cities and provinces across the country are reopening and vaccination rates are increasing, we’re seeing a gradual return to normalcy from coast to coast. But what does this mean for relationships? A good deal has changed over the past 16 months — especially the way we connect in relationships, so I joined The Morning Show team to discuss my predictions for post-pandemic love.

Check out the video and summary below.

Is there going to be a massive onslaught of dating as many people as you can?

I’m hearing a mix. I know some people south of the border who are doing all they can to get out and date. But I also hear from others, who despite being fully vaccinated and having the freedom to do as they please. They are just not ready to dive in head first. We didn’t get to transition into this pandemic in Canada. We were just told to stay home and stop going to work & school in March 2020; but we can choose to more gradually transition back to the new...

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