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Jess recently contributed to The Aging Games program hosted by Lynn Hardy, ND, CNC. 

Not your average or traditional anti-aging advice, this video program consists of 22 videos covering topics like nutrition, exercise, skin care, sexuality and much more.

Check out the interview with Lynn below, and if you're interested in exploring the program, you can save $50 when you click on the link here.

Q: Tell us about yourself and why you decided to launch the Aging Games.

Lynn: The idea came about after the success of my book, The Aging Games: How to Come out a Winner. I realized that, with the book, I only gave a small taste of some key concepts related to healthy aging, and I wanted to go much deeper into specific areas, such as sexuality, exercise, hormones, and more. That's where the idea of a comprehensive age-defying video program came about. But rather than having all the videos based on my knowledge and experience, I decided to bring together the top...

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Sexuality Superheroes: Justine Ang Fonte

expert advice Oct 06, 2021

Meet Justine Ang Fonte, M.Ed MPH, our newest sexuality superhero. She is a health and sex educator who is also known for her Instagram account, "Your Friendly Ghostwriter." Read the feature below to get to know Justine better!

How did you get into the field?

It started in the summer of 2008 when I taught math to eighth-grade students in Houston, Texas. These students failed the state exam earlier that spring. But one particular student was absent for two weeks. When she returned, she explained that she was "sick and bleeding a lot down below the waist." That's when I realized that she was on her period but did not know what a period was. Later that day, I spoke with the principal and asked, "what does the health ed program look like here?" To only find that it did not exist. After being a middle school math teacher for two years, I decided to pursue public health. I received an offer from the Dalton school after earning my Master's of Public Health at Columbia. I was at Dalton for...

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Sexuality Superheroes: Skyler Whitehead

expert advice Sep 23, 2021

Meet the latest Sexuality Superhero, Skyler Whitehead . Sky is a photographer, content producer, serial artist, and creator of the card game Hedonism and Debauchery. Check out the feature below to learn more about Sky and Hedonism and Debauchery.

How did you get into the field?

I'm a multi-media expert that started by photographing art nudes for different college classes. Then it became a personal passion, which eventually transformed into a career-making body-positive and sex-positive content. First for clients, then I was able to express my views through art. My overall goal is to shift the way we have nuanced conversations around embodiment and sexuality.

As a black-owned business, were there any limits or hardships you faced?

In the beginning, there were several challenges I came across. The first challenge was the stigma around conversations about sex. Then it was learning the ins/outs of manufacturing and intellectual property. The last challenge, having the resources to grow...

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Sexuality Superhero: Brittany Broaddus-Smith

expert advice Nov 29, 2020

Say hello to our newest Sexuality Superhero, Brittany Broaddus-Smith. Brittany is the founder of The Intimacy Firm. The Intimacy Firm is an intimacy coaching and sexuality education organization. With the influence of sex and faith, Brittany aims to empower individuals to discover, embrace, and navigate the world of sexuality in a way that doesn’t compromise their personal or professional values. Check out her feature below!

1. How did you get started in the field?

Funny story actually, I started off wanting to be a lawyer. From about 3rd grade to until my first day of college, where I enrolled as a Political Science major, I was going to be Johnny Cochran and find my way to the Dream Team. However, my first professor for that 8am class bored me to tears. Literally! The next day I changed my major to Psychology. From there, I would go on to get a master’s in social work and another in Clinical Human Sexuality. My primary focus was to do couples therapy. But God had other...

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'Emotional PPE' and Other Takeaways for Guys in a Pandemic: Part Two

expert advice Nov 10, 2020

Feature image by Jeff Perera.

In the second of a two-part series, Healthy Manhood speaker and writer Jeff Perera shares with fellow cis-hetero guys some takeaways from navigating COVID-19 to help us better navigate our interactions with people of other genders.

Layers of Emotional PPE

Many men (myself included) are trying to navigate dating during a pandemic: maneuvering uncharted waters in meeting people they are attracted to, and possibly build romantic or sexual connections. Complicated at best in more familiar times, but now?

*takes off his face shield to wipe his forehead*

Some of us men tend to complain how cold or ‘stand-offish’ people can be when trying to meet them at a bar, or match with them online. Rather than fixating on ‘techniques’ to persuade someone to lower their defensive layers of protection (or devaluing the person for having them up) we can instead be more mindful around why their guard is up in the first place. Women, for example,...

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'Emotional PPE' and Other Takeaways for Guys in a Pandemic: Part One

expert advice Nov 03, 2020

Feature image is ‘where two are gathered’ by Lori Klassen.

In the first of a two-part series, Healthy Manhood speaker and writer Jeff Perera shares with fellow cis-hetero guys some takeaways from navigating COVID-19 to help us better navigate our interactions with people of other genders.

Take a wild guess which three-word phrase makes up the first words in a series of questions I’ve been asked more in 2020: The Year of Coronavirus than any year before. Think about it for a minute, we’ll come back to it in a bit.

Speaking of questions and the pandemic: Amidst the ‘false infodemic’ spread of misinformation and disinformation, we all have questions about what tomorrow holds for us all. Over this challenging year we’ve adapted and changed our approach to everyday routines and interactions. Some of us are also finding lessons and takeaways around how we interact with one another. One powerful takeaway came for many of us who experienced...

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How to Talk to A Partner About Safer Sex: Getting Tested

expert advice Oct 06, 2020

I was recently interviewed about how to talk to your partner about getting tested and I’ve shared the Q&A below.

If you haven’t been tested, you don’t know if you have an STI. In many cases, STIs (e.g. chlamydia) are asymptomatic, so the most common symptom can be no symptom at all. Regular testing, therefore, is essential to safer sex practices and long term health; though an STI may be asymptomatic for some time, untreated, it can lead to health issues including pelvic inflammatory disease, reactive arthritis, ectopic pregnancy, and infertility.

1. If someone is going home with someone they met at a bar, party or some other social engagement, how might they instigate the “have you been tested” question?

The stigma that surrounds STIs is one of the greatest barriers to safer sex, as it inhibits testing and talking about our statuses. Many people avoid the conversation, as they feel embarrassed, but if you’re willing to strip down and get...

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Sexuality Superheroes: Dalychia & Rafaella of Afrosexology

expert advice Sep 29, 2020

Meet Dalychia and Rafaella of Afrosexology, our newest Sexuality Superheroes. They're on a sexual liberation journey, continuing to create awareness and spread educative sex-positive messaging to all. Read their feature below and get to know them a little better!

1. Why is sexual health education/therapy so important to you both?

While both of us have had very different journeys around our sexuality, we’ve both had to do a lot of work to reclaim our bodies from what society and others told us about ourselves - what it means to be Black, women, from particular classes, with our body shapes, etc. There are so many messages that tell us because of our identities we are less deserving of power and pleasure. Pleasure-based sexuality education is important for us and our community because it directly counters these messages and affirms that we deserve to experience pleasure in our bodies, in our relationships, and in our world. Our mantra is ‘less oppression, more...

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Sexuality Superheroes: Honestly Nae

expert advice Sep 15, 2020

Meet our latest Sexuality Superhero, Shanae "Honestly Nae" Adams. Shanae's goal is to eliminate any taboos or stigmas surrounding sex and pleasure. Shanae is a therapist, educator and sex-positive enthusiast. Get to know Shanae a little better by reading their feature below.

1. Why is sexual health education/therapy so important to you?

Sexual health education is important to me because there is liberation in embracing sexuality. If a person can own and feel confident in the sexuality they can advocate their needs. If you can advocate for what you need sexually, that confidence can help you advocate for yourself in other realms of life as well.

2. How does your experience and/or identity inform your work?

My experiences inform my work because I am a selfish educator, I love learning and putting energy into gathering information that I want to know. Once I have it I can then pass it along to others. Every workshop I create started because I want more information around a topic, they...

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Here's What You Should Know About Sexological Bodywork

expert advice Sep 09, 2020

Say hello to Pamela Madsen, the founder of Back to the Body, specializing in sexological bodywork. Not exactly sure what that is? Learn more by reading below!

1. What is your definition of sexological bodywork?

Sexological Bodywork is the embodiment of sex education. It is one thing to talk about pleasure in the body, it is a completely different territory to actually FEEL pleasure in the body. Sexological Bodywork is a trauma-informed healing modality that supports clients in accessing and/or expanding pleasure in their bodies using touch, sound, movement, breath and interoception (internal noticing), that they may not otherwise have the space or ability to do on their own in everyday life.

2. What are the misconceptions of sexological bodywork? 

That there are no trainings, that everyone is just doing whatever they want. Sexological Bodyworkers adhere to a Code of Ethics and we have an association that keeps us growing and learning. That touch-work is muddy and...

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