Is Porn Addiction a Disorder or Scapegoat? Finding Middle Ground

expert advice seminars Nov 01, 2017

If you're familiar with my work, you already know that porn addiction is not a recognized disorder despite being a highly profitable industry. You also know that porn addiction has been rejected by the American Psychological Association for inclusion in the latest DSM and the porn addict label is iatrogenic -- that is, the diagnosis (in this case, the self-diagnosis) intensifies the symptoms. You also know that I believe that porn often functions as a scapegoat when people seek to avoid personal accountability and that I believe porn can be a healthy part of happy, loving relationships.

I also believe that discussing the language of "porn addiction" is important given its popularity and the prevalence of self-diagnosis. In the interview below, I speak with  Craig Perra, J.D. Certified Professional Coach and founder of The Mindful Habit® System, to learn more about his approach to porn addiction and the role of mindful masturbation.

Dr. Jess:...

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Online Teacher Resource List in Human Development & Sexual Health

If you were at the #OHPEA2016 conference, thanks so much for coming out! Please find the resource list below and feel free to reach out with any questions. Happy teaching!

Lesson Plans
Sex & Ability: Differing Abilities, Physical Disabilities & Intellectual Disabilities


For Parents

Q&A Document (Ontario)
Q&A Document (Hard copy - Canada)
Parents’ group speaker: (Section for teachers, parents and students)

Catholic Resources:

Visual Inclusivity Resources (posters, stickers, etc.):


Feel free to download the complete handout here!

If you use a MAC and want access my #Ophea2016 presentation slides, click here. If you use Windows, find them...

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Desire Resorts for International Swingers Month

seminars Jan 24, 2015

Desire ResortsDesire Resorts

Jess visited Desire Resorts (Pearl and Riviera Maya)  for the second annual International Swingers Month and hosted sold-out workshops for 150 happy couples. She had so much fun that she’ll be returning again in February and once again each season in 2015. Check out their website for event listings and stay tuned to Jess’ calendar for specific programming. 

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