Mind Blowing Oral: Clit Edition

This is your ultimate guide to cunnilingus: fingers, tongues & vibes - oh my! If you want to approach your lover(s) with confidence and master the art of (oral) seduction, look no further. In this interactive video course, you'll learn how to:

  • Approach oral sex with confidence & enthusiasm
  • Build to more intense orgasms
  • Stimulate the inner bulbs of the clitoris
  • Explore the U-spot, G-zone, La Fourchette & more
  • Experiment with 60+ approaches, techniques & communication prompts for hotter oral
  • Give and receive pleasure & better understand your lover's desires
  • Use your hands in ways you've never imagined
  • Explore "blended" orgasms
  • Have fun & bring levity to the bedroom
  • Use lube in hotter and more creative ways

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